Henry's Happenings

Hi my name is Henry and I’m a pug. I am 4 years old turning 5. I live with my fellow pug playmate (actually a person, Sarah Jancewicz), the guy who feeds me (Jim Jancewicz), my fellow dog friend (actually a person, Matthew Jancewicz), grandma Scout (actually a dog), and the tiny ball of fluff with eyes (Jakey the hamster). I see the crazy neighbor almost every day (Olivia Gorman) who is my playmates best friend. I do some cuckoo things according to everyone in the house but that’s just me. I love to chew dog bones and bury them in the furniture and surprise people when they sit on them. If you’d like to learn more about me and my crazy things then keep looking under Henry’s Happenings and see more of my awesome adventures.

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